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Know before you click.

SiteTruth checks out web site owners and rates them in search results.. We have background information on most US and UK sites.

Less ad clutter.

Ad Limiter blocks all but one search ad on each search result page. You see more results and fewer ads.

Ad Limiter works with Google, Bing, Yahoo,
and DuckDuckGo. For Firefox and Google Chrome.
Now available for Firefox on Android Mobile.

Green checkmark Site ownership and business identity verified. No significant issues found.
Yellow question mark Site ownership identified but not verified, or limited information available.
Red do-not-enter Site ownership unknown or questionable, or significant negative information about the business was found.
Who's behind that ad?
Not your normal ad blocker

Web businesses must display their name and address. That's the law. We check that. Then we check out the business.

  How Ad Limiter works

Ad Limiter puts ratings next to ads and search results. We pick the best ad and block the others.

  About us

We check business records. We do not sell seals of approval.

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